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Welcome to Bayside Garden Supplies Melbourne

Melbournes fastest growing garden supply centre for trade and the general public

Competitive pricing Pricing!

At Garden Trade we know that trades and garden guru’s love a great deal, so we provide outstanding pricing for trade professionals and the public!

BAYSIDE GARDEN SUPPLIES (now incorporating gardentrade)

Fast, Reliable Delivery 7 Days a Week!

Our team of trucks can deliver any amount of sand, soil, mulch or any other garden supply you require blistering fast and 7 days a week. Yep, were open every day!

Trusted by Top Worldwide Companies

Selling the highest quality garden products in Melbourne

Bayside Garden Supplies has one of the largest Varieties of pebbles, rocks, mulches and sand in Bayside Melbourne , with over 42 bins of stock .We supply to Melbourne’s leading trades so why don’t you give us a try and experience for yourself the cost savings and hassle free product service you will receive.

Fertiliser and Compost

Feed your plants with organic and nutritional fertilisers from our stock. We carry manure and compost-based fertilisers that are suitable for all garden plants including lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetables. From sources of nitrogen and phosphorous to increased flower development and seed and fruit production, our fertiliser selection is comprehensive to meet your needs.

Manures and Soil Conditioners

Amgrow Chicken Manure is produced from fully composted poultry manure. This product can be used as a pretreatment when establishing a new garden bed or lawn, or used as a surface application to both feed and mulch the garden.

Potting and Planting mix

Choose from a variety of organic and specialty mixes for all your potting needs. We offer a wide selection of products including formulations designed for certain plants, like camellias, rhododendrons, and acid-loving plants, roses, citrus, deciduous plants and more. We’ve even got a blend designed to suit succulent plants and cacti. Talk to our knowledgeable staff to find out more about our potting products.

Mulch and Water Saving

We supply three different types of mulch. All of which are a renewable natural resource and:
Conserve water by reducing evaporation due to sun and wind
Suppress weed growth
Encourage worm activity and microbial life in soil

Lawn Food ,Lawn Repair,Lawn Seeds

Maintain a luscious lawn that stays fresh and green even during the hottest summer months with solutions you can trust. Improve your garden beds and lawn with our organic soil improver, clay breaker, fertiliser concentrate and top dressing and repair products.


Broad spectrum weed killer for all types of lawns including Buffalo. Will control Bindii, oxalis, clover and other broadleaf weeds Contains contact and systemic herbicides Treats larger area.

Green Thumb Heaven

Bayside Garden Supplies has the lot in small or large amounts. We have very competitive pricing and supply major Melbourne contractors.

Every Mulch.. Colours, sizes, textures and much more.

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Perfect for keeping your soil moist and happy. Water saving and eco friendly you veggies will appreciate the best money can buy.We have a colour to suit even the wildest of gardens.

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Builders & Trade. We offer trade accounts with discounts and priority punctual service. .

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  • Aggregates, Sands, Concrete and Reinforcing Mesh for construction.
  • Garden Edging and Paving Supplies.
  • One Stop Shopping for Trades and Builders
  • Discounts for Trade Credit Account Holders

Builders and trade professionals will be.
happy with Garden trades one stop shopping and trade discounts.
Come in and see the ever growing range of building supplies!.

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Trade Professionals Love Us

As well as stocking 42 bulk bins of Gardens Supplies, we also stock a large range of very competitively priced bagged products Potting Mix and Fertilizers as well as an array of Crushed Rock Products, Driveway Bases and building supplies including cement, limil builders hardware and reinforcing mesh.

Melbourne Gardeners keep an eye on our specials page and enquire for prices on the rest of our stock. You can have everything Delivered along with your bulk order to save money and save yourself a trip to the store. The ideal way to shop.

Our store is your one stop undercover shop for everything Garden related. Be it Top-soil, Mulch or Rocks and Pebbles, Melbourne’s best Garden Supplies are at Bayside Garden Supplies, with drive through and loading facilities.

Now stocking 18 different varieties of Decorative Garden Pebbles, Garden Stones and Landscaping Rocks in Melbourne, and 9 Mulch products including Black Mulch, Brown Mulch, Redwood Mulch, Terracotta Dyed Wood Chips, Redgum Chips, Pine Mulch, Euca Mulch, Tan Bark Mulch, Soft Fall Mulch Melbourne Safety accredited, for Child Playgrounds and Sandpits. Garden Compost and Mushroom Compost.

Garden Rocks Including, River, Rocks and Pebbles 7mm – 600mm and full range of Sand, Crushed Rock and Topsoil including White Brick Sand, Yellow Brick Sand, White Wash Sand, Concrete Sand, Lilydale Topping, Turf and Garden Blended, Soil and a special Vegie Mix Garden Soil perfect for Vegie Gardens including Raised Bed Vegie Gardens Melbourne can utilise.


You are our number #1

Your business is what drives us to excel over our competitors. Our service is second to none and we pride ourselves in providing Melbourne’s best Garden Supplies.

Happy Customers. The real people who helped build Garden Trade.
Peter Doltan - Landscapes by the Bay

We never use anyone else. They are just a call away and seem to be the best priced by quite a bit. Delivery is much better than all we have tried.

Jeremy Calvi - Green Thumb

The guys here are an absolute Godsend. The team at Garden Trade deliver what I need when I need it. Im happy with the service and products.

Brendan Bunting - Landscape Lighting Consultant

Andrew and the team are alway there to quickly price out and suggest the best solution for our extreme landscape designs. Thumbs up.

FAQ. You have questions, we have the answers
Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in the south east of Melbourne. 282-284 Boundary Rd
Mordialloc, Melbourne 3195

Do you sell to the public?

Yes we do. Everyone is welcome to save money with us. Trade accounts simply get a larger than normal discount on our wholesale pricing.

Can I get 2 or more products on one delivery load?

Sure, load her up!!

Still have another question? Contact Us and let’s talk about it.

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