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This weeks cost price special - $5-50 per bag.
Sheep Manure - 25 Litre Bags. This product is excellent for Vegie gardens & flowering plants.
Limit 2 per customer. You won't beat this price for a similar quality product.
(Please note that the product suppliers may vary with some products.)
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Builders Supplies



  • Stumps: 400mm – 1 metre in 3 different designs
  • Treated pine sleepers: 2.4 and 3 metre x 50mm and 75mm
  • Cement: Cement Australia, Builders, Tradesmans GP and brickies ivory
  • Mortar mix
  • Concrete: rapid set, pre-mix or mix your own using our sand and screenings
  • Pavelock sand
  • Reinforcing mesh: F62 + F72 and 4×2 metre
  • Ute mesh
  • 3 bar trench mesh
  • 12mm rod, mesh supports and bar chairs

Building Supplies Melbourne

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Find building, garden and landscape supplies at our one-stop shop.


From materials for playgrounds and drainage projects to concrete bases and more, you’ll find exactly what you need within our wide selection of sand, aggregate and garden edging materials.

We also stock a wide range of assorted gardening tools and builders hardware.

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A Variety of Sands.

Choose from white and yellow brick sand, concrete sand, white washed sand and packing sand. Use our white brick sand in mortar for bricklaying and try packing sand as a sub base for under concrete slabs, water tanks and backfill.

Our concrete sand is double washed and used with aggregate for making concrete, for render and as bedding for pavers. For playgrounds, sandpits, paver beddings and sweeping into gaps between brick paving, our fine, white, triple washed sand offers a clean, finished look.



Reinforcing Mesh F62 + F72, 3 x 2 Metre

Ute mesh, Legal to carry on a ute.

Reo mesh ute mesh used for building supplies


20mm screenings

20mm Screenings 20mm aggregate mainly used for concrete and drainage.

7mm screenings

¼ Minus 7mm aggregate/screening used for concrete, pathways and bedding pipes.

Drainage scoria
Drainage Scoria. A rich red/purple 20mm volcanic scoria. Excellent for drainage purposes and landscaping.

White brick sand
Brick Sand White Brickies sand is used in mortar for bricklaying.

Yellow bricksand
Brick Sand YellowBrickies sand is used in mortar for bricklaying.

Concrete sand
Concrete Sand Double washed sand used with aggregate for making concrete, for render and also as a bedding for pavers.

White washed sand
White Washed SandIs a trippled washed, fine sand used
for playgrounds and sandpits. Also used as a bedding for pavers and for sweeping into gaps between brick paving to assist locking while giving a lovely clean finished look.

Packing sand
Packing Sand A sub base for under concrete slabs. Also used for under water tanks and backfill.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Granitic Sands + Driveway bases.

Lilydale topping
Lilydale Topping 10mm minus size in grey/white colour. A classic topping used for pathways and driveways.

Dromana topping
Tyabb Topping5mm to dust brown granitic sand suitable for pathways and driveways. Also used as a base for synthetic grass.

Crushed rock
Crushed Rock 20mm to dust sub base compactable material.

recycled concrete
Pavebase Recycled concrete, brick and masonry rubble. Cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. Great for paving.

20mm Scoria Decorative volcanic rock – very good for drainage.

Gardening Edging.

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concrete garden edging

plastic garden edging

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Builders cement

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