Screenings, Crushed Rock, Crushed Stone and Driveway Toppings

                                                Crushed Rock, Screenings, Lilydale and Dromana Toppings and other alternative  Driveway Toppings..

  • Lilydale Toppings.

  • A great crushed stone for driveways and paths which is a much cheaper and easier alternative to laying pavers.
  • Please be aware that the sub base needs to be relatively flat in order to use this product. If you have very uneven ground the cheapest solution to levelling it is to use a 20mm crushed rock, then add about 50mm of Lilydale Toppings on top.
  • 7mm and 20mm gravel screenings

  • Generally used for drainage around agi pipes. They are also suitable in some situations as a stand alone garden stone and as all other stones do, they can act as a mulch by stopping evaporation of moisture in the soil.
  • Tyabb Toppings | Dromana Toppings

    An alternative to Lilydale Toppings and Similar to Dromana toppings. A brown coloured 5mm to dust driveway topping.

  • Much finer than Lilydale and probably a little easier to use.
  • Grey Crushed Stone.

    Once again great for driveway.


  • Please take note that any crushed rock or dust product needs to have a run off so that water will not puddle, which will result in mud occurring.

Lilydale Toppings

Crushed Rock

Sample Display

Pave Base

7mm screenings

20mm Screenings

Tyabb Toppings

7mm RIver Pebbles

All delivered or available for pick-up, Melbourne South East and Bayside.

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