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bags of fertilisers ,garden supplies ideal for garden landscaping in melbourne
happy flowers. using compost fertilisers for ideal growth, located at garden supplies business in mordialloc, melbourne
How much compost do you need to keep your garden happy
pallets of potting mix and fertilisers inside ideal garden supplies business at mordialloc, melbourne
Pallets of potting mix inside Bayside Garden Supplies Mordialloc, Melbourne

 Take advantage of our competitive priced garden fertilisers and potting mixes and keep your garden smiling

 You can even have them delivered for free along with your bulk load

 Potting and Planting Mix

 Choose from a variety of organic and specialty mixes for all your potting needs. We have different formulations designed for certain plants like acid loving, succulents, roses and citrus

 Fertilisers and Composts

Feed your plants with organic and nutritional fertilisers. We carry manure and compost based products that are suitable for all garden plants including lawns, shrubs, flowers and vegetables

Lawn Food, Lawn Repair and Lawn Seeds

Maintain a luscious lawn that stays fresh and green even during the hottest months. We also sell turf, lawn seeds and even a variety of artificial grasses

We are in the process of replacing some of our stock so unfortunately we cannot provide more detail on our products at the moment but we will be updating this shortly

Fertilisers and compost can have an amazing effect on the growth and health of your plants and grass

Bayside Garden Supplies Melbourne

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