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Instant Turf Supplies Melbourne.






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We can supply instant turf to Melbourne delivered from the grower.

A minimum quantity applies, which is 25 SQM.

There is a delivery charge which is charged by the grower and is

Kings Pride, Buffalo Instant Turf

$10.95 psm.

 An Australian soft leaf buffalo grass which is greener and softer than comparative instant Turfs . Therefore it results in a hard-wearing grass which looks and performs better, Furthermore, Buffalo has the best shade tolerance, which allows you to mow very low and has a great capacity for wear and tear.

 When tested this buffalo outperformed its competitors for both water efficiency and shade resistance.

buffalo instant turf


4 Seasons Kikuyu
$8.95 psm.

Kikuyu is a self sufficient, drought tolerant lawn that will thrive in a range of soil types.  In summer months Kikuyu is known for its aggressive growth, resulting in quickly covering itself with runners. As a result this aggressive growth enables Kikuyu to withstand repeated use and therefore enables it to repair itself from damage. It is commonly found in parks, schools and home lawns and is the ideal choice for dogs.

kikuyu lawn


4 Seasons Couch
$8.95 psm

 Couch is regarded as the best all-round lawn in the Melbourne market, providing children and families with a fine soft rolling lawn ideal for games and entertaining.

 This turf thrives in full sun and as a result has the best drought tolerance of all our lawn varieties.  It is well suited to Melbourne’s climate and is widely used in home lawns, commercial landscapes and golf courses. Furthermore, with its fine texture and lateral growth, it can be maintained at a low mowing height.

Instant turf or seeds ?

Instant turf is great easy to use product which enables you to have a great instant lawn. However it is not the best solution in every situation.

Some things to consider are : 

  • It may be more expensive
  • There is usually more labour and preparation involved
  • If the turf does not suit the climate and shade effects of your garden, then it may not last which could be very costly. 
  • Conversely there are some great advantages
  • Less weed growth, saving of valuable recreation time and less water needed to establish.
  • Instant results and a great finish.
  • These are just some things to consider, but either way, personally i think nothing beets a great big piece of grass to play on, lay on and even just to look at.

golf lawn


This weeks cost price special - $5-50 per bag.
Sheep Manure - 25 Litre Bags. This product is excellent for Vegie gardens & flowering plants.
Limit 2 per customer. You won't beat this price for a similar quality product.
(Please note that the product suppliers may vary with some products.)
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 Do you need soil for your turf ? 

Our Turf Blended soil is a light, sandy and organic mix, furthermore, we have added compost to make it ideal for nurturing native plants. Also as a result and as  the name suggests it is ideal for laying new turf.

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