Instant Turf


We can supply turf delivered from the grower.
The minimum quantity is 25 SQM
The delivery charge which is charged by the grower is



Kings pride Buffalo
$10.95 psm.


4 Seasons Kikuyu
$8.50 psm.

Kikuyu is a self sufficient, drought tolerant lawn that will thrive in a range of soil types. In summer months Kikuyu is known for its aggressive growth, covering quickly with runners. This aggressive growth enables Kikuyu to withstand repeated use and enables it to repair itself from damage. It is commonly found in parks, schools and home lawns and is the ideal choice for dogs.


4 Seasons Couch
$8.50 psm

Couch is regarded as the best all-round lawn in the Melbourne market, providing children and families with a fine soft rolling lawn ideal for games and entertaining. Couch thrives in full sun and has the best drought tolerance of all our lawn varieties. Couch is well suited to Melbourne’s climate and is widely used in home lawns, commercial landscapes and golf courses. With its fine texture and lateral growth Couch is best maintained at a low mowing height.

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