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Every Spring we receive enquiries from new customers who would like to enhance their gardens using coloured mulch.  When first placed in your garden the colour looks great, however if we receive two or three days of rain the colour may not look as vibrant as it did before the rain.  In the industry we call this ‘Spring Wash’.  

The reason for Spring Wash is that the heavy rain literally carries the colourant away from the surface of the pile.  Some goes to the inside of the pile making the mulch under the surface wetter and a little more coloured.  The Spring Wash can be fixed by simply turning the pile over once the rain stops or by covering the pile with a tarpaulin before heavy rain. 

The problem does not occur once the coloured mulch is dry, because the colour becomes bound to the wood surface and is no longer affected by rain or water from sprinkler systems or hosing. 

We also recommend:-

* laying down a tarpaulin before we drop coloured mulch to avoid any discolouration of surfaces;

* not putting the dyed mulch next to light coloured surfaces until it is completely dry.  

The colour does not bond until the mulch is dry.  

Unfortunately due to a high demand of dyed mulch in Spring, all suppliers cannot guarantee that the mulch is dry when delivered to our yard.  


Coloured and Dyed Mulches.

These mulches are available in four colours, brown mulch, red mulch, terracotta chips and, the most popular and user friendly, black mulch.  Coloured mulches are produced from recycled timber mulch which is then put through a colour process using environmentally friendly products. They will also retain their colour for a lot longer than traditional mulch. They are great for adding vibrancy or a stand out feature to your garden. Please be advised not to have this product tipped onto a white driveway. When the product is very fresh it can leave a mark which is hard to remove. The dye is vegetable dye.

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sample of Fine Pine Mulch-Bark near me with mordialloc garden supplies melbourne business card
Fine Pine Mulch A finer pine bark mulch than the 12-20mm but with the same great features.
euca, eucy, eucalyptus mulch near me at a melbourne garden supplies business
Euca-Eucy-Eucalyptus Mulch A natural premium quality ground cover that retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
redgum chips at a melbourne garden supplies business near me
Redgum Chips. A long lasting hardwood chip made from red gum trees.
brown dyed mulch showing a melbourne garden supplies in mordialloc, business card
Brown Mulch Brown, dyed-coloured, hardwood see info.
coloured black mulch near me with a mordialloc, garden supplies, melbourne business card
Blackwood Mulch Black wood, dyed-coloured, hardwood see info.
terracotta mulch near me at a mordialloc, garden supplies business in melbourne
Terracotta chips A dyed and cloured hardwood chip. Can be used as an alternative to redgum bark chips.
softfall, playground mulch ideal certification at a boundary road garden supplies business, melbourne
Softfall-Playground-Mulch Complies to safety standards for use in playgrounds.
redwood dyed mulch near me, with a boundary rd melbourne, garden supplies business card
Redwood Mulch Red wood, dyed-coloured, hardwood see info.
bulk bin of ideal moisture mulch at a melbourne garden supplies business in mordialloc
Garden Moisture Mulch Made from recycled organic matter including naturally de-composed timber and plant material. In our opinion probably the best mulch for weed prevention.
pine chip mulch near me at a boundary rd mordialloc, melbourne garden supplies business
Pinebark Mulch 12-20mm Natural tan colour . Provides organic nutrients, reduces garden maintainence and retains moisture.

Benefits of Using Mulch.

There are many advantages of adding mulch to a garden area, besides making the garden more attractive and finished looking.

These include:

One of the best benefits of any mulch is its ability to retain moisture in the soil. Organic mulches break down over time and contribute to soil health. This can be very helpful, especially if your soil fertility is poor.

Mulch reduces winter injury and helps with weed control.

Other garden mulch benefits include protection from erosion.

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