Mulch Melbourne, Dyed-Coloured and Natural

sample of Fine Pine Mulch-Bark near me with mordialloc garden supplies melbourne business card
Fine Pine Mulch A finer pine bark mulch than the 12-20mm but with the same great features.
euca, eucy, eucalyptus mulch near me at a melbourne garden supplies business
Euca-Eucy-Eucalyptus Mulch A natural premium quality ground cover that retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
redgum chips at a melbourne garden supplies business near me
Redgum Chips. A long lasting hardwood chip made from red gum trees.
brown dyed mulch showing a melbourne garden supplies in mordialloc, business card
Brown Mulch Brown, dyed-coloured, hardwood see info.
coloured black mulch near me with a mordialloc, garden supplies, melbourne business card
Blackwood Mulch Black wood, dyed-coloured, hardwood see info.
terracotta mulch near me at a mordialloc, garden supplies business in melbourne
Terracotta chips A dyed and cloured hardwood chip. Can be used as an alternative to redgum bark chips.
softfall, playground mulch ideal certification at a boundary road garden supplies business, melbourne
Softfall-Playground-Mulch Complies to safety standards for use in playgrounds.
redwood dyed mulch near me, with a boundary rd melbourne, garden supplies business card
Redwood Mulch Red wood, dyed-coloured, hardwood see info.
bulk bin of ideal moisture mulch at a melbourne garden supplies business in mordialloc
Garden Moisture Mulch Made from recycled organic matter including naturally de-composed timber and plant material. In our opinion probably the best mulch for weed prevention.
pine chip mulch near me at a boundary rd mordialloc, melbourne garden supplies business
Pinebark Mulch 12-20mm Natural tan colour . Provides organic nutrients, reduces garden maintainence and retains moisture.

Benefits of Using Mulch

There are many advantages of adding mulch to a garden area, besides making the garden more attractive and finished looking

One of the best benefits of any mulch is its ability to retain moisture in the soil

Organic Mulch breaks down over time and contribute to soil health

This can be very helpful, especially if your soil fertility is poor

Mulch reduces winter injury and helps with weed control

Other garden mulch benefits include protection from erosion

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