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Pebbles and Rocks

Decorative pebbles, stone and gravel are being used a lot more in the garden these days for both decorative and mulching purposes.

They are a great long lasting and easy care alternative to mulching and with the great range available, are now becoming very popular.

So if you want a great eye catching garden why not come down and have a look at our range.


Pebbles, garden rocks and                                                    decorative stones, Melbourne

Create a charming walkway, stunning driveway or a peaceful garden space with our range of decorative pebbles, crushed rock and driveway mixes and stones, including Dromana, Lilydale, and grey Dust toppings. We stock and  deliver 7 Days, With one of the best and largest varieties in Melbourne..



This weeks cost price special - $5-50 per bag.
Sheep Manure - 25 Litre Bags. This product is excellent for Vegie gardens & flowering plants.
Limit 2 per customer. You won't beat this price for a similar quality product.
(Please note that the product suppliers may vary with some products.)
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  • river pebbles: 7mm, 20mm, and 50-75mm
  • White ice (white, quartz ), 20mm
  • Natural charm stone,  20mm
  • Rich red/purple volcanic scoria for drainage and landscaping
  • Flat brown 20-40mm and 60mm-200mm
  • Grey and brown pebbles
  • Cream 
  • Tuscan 
  • Riverina
  • Blue bassalt
  • Volcanic and assorted
  • Country blend
7mm Screenings
7mm Screenings

7mm Bluestone screenings

Grey and white decorative river pebbles
Grey and white decorative river pebbles 20mm

20mm River pebbles

Large rocks
Large rocks, volcanic and assorted

large volcanic/honeycomb

Granite rocks
Granite rocks, large

large silver granite

decorative pebbles cream colour
decorative pebbles cream colour 20mm

20mm cream

Riverina river pebbles
Riverina river pebbles 20mm

20mm Riverina

20mm white ice marble

small river pebbles

7mm River pebbles

Cream river pebbles Bayside Landscaping and Garden Supplies Melbourne
Cream river pebbles 40mm Bayside

40mm cream

smooth large bluestone pebbles
smooth large bluestone pebbles 40-80mm

40-80 smooth blue bassalt

Sandstone rocks
Sandstone rocks large 200-600mm

large pink granite

River pebbles natural charm
River pebbles natural charm, 50-200mm honey coloured.

40-200 natural charm

flat brown river pebbles
flat brown river pebbles 30-100 mm

20-60mm flat brown

white ice pebbles
white ice pebbles around 50mm, Marble

40-100 marble white ice

terracotta coloured river pebbles
Natural charm terracotta coloured river pebbles 20mm

20mm natural charm

Large flat brown river pebble
Large flat brown river pebble 100-300mm

40-200mm flat brown

decorative pebbles country charm
decorative pebbles country charm a mix of 20mm cream pebbles and 20mm tuscan screenings

20mm country charm

Bluestone screenings / rocks
Bluestone screenings / rocks 14mm

20mm bluestone

Drainage Scoria
Scoria Red, drainage or garden decoration 20mm

20mm red scoria

tuscan pebbles decorative
tuscan pebbles decorative, 20 mm

20mm tuscan

Riverina Pebbles
Riverina Pebbles, 20mm smooth

40-60mm riverina

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