Stocking all the sand Melbourne needs. Brick sands for the builders, washed  sands for paving, rendering, making concrete, packing sand for concrete slabs and even  for playpits.

 Open and delivering sands to South East and Bayside Melbourne 7 Days a week.

Packing Sand.

Used as a base for concrete slabs and a great product for laying pavers.
Need a Vibrating plate ?

We hire them as well.

Paving with packing sand

Packing Sand

White Brick .

Used for mortar mix for laying bricks.

Laying bricks using white brick sand

White Brick Sand

White Washed .

Great for kids playgrounds and play/[sandpits] and as a final gap filler for your pavers.

play sand pit

White Washed Sand

Concrete Sands.

Used for mixing concrete and as a ingredient for render. Also great for standing water tanks on.

Rendering with Concrete Sand.

Yellow Brick .

Also used for mortar in bricklaying.

image of yellow brick Sand.

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