bayside_garden_supplies_logo_a2                                                                      Sands including White Brick, Yellow Brick, Concrete Sand, White Washed Sand, Playground Sand and Packing Sand

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Sands including white brick sand, Yellow Brick Sand, Concete Sand and White Washed Sand.

Packing Sand.

Used as a base for concrete slabs and a great product for laying pavers.
Need a Vibrating plate ?

We hire them as well.

White Brick Sand.

Used for mortar mix.

White Washed Sand.

Great for kids playgrounds and play/[sandpits] and as a final gap filler for your pavers.

Concrete Sand.

Used for mixing concrete and as a ingredient for render. Also great for standing water tanks on.

Yellow Brick Sand.

Also used for mortar in bricklaying.

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