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 Special Garden Soil, Soil Blend.


Make your own mix with the help of our specialists. We can create a one off mix that meets your exact specifications, or a Special Garden Mix made of [blended soil] and organic [compost], which we tailor for your individual needs. Each garden generally needs differing soil requirements so let us help you find the best solution for your garden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Soil and compost


                                                                                                                                                             Bayside garden supplies logo soil and compost

Mushroom Compost.

It Stinks but its good.

Mushroom compost mulch

Mushroom soil compost


Light sceened [topsoil].

Blended soil

Screening soil

Turf Blended Soil.

Our Turf Blended soiland is also a light, sandy and organic mix, but we’ve added compost to make it ideal for nurturing native plants. Also as the name suggests it is ideal for laying new turf.
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Topsoil Top soil

Beautiful lawn

Vegie Mix.

Support your growing vegetables in a regular, or raised veggie garden bed, with our Veggie Mix [soil]. It is composed of topsoil blended with both composts and fertilizers to protect and nourish your plants.

Vegie mix soil

Raised garden bed melbourne


Dig it in to your garden to nourish it and improve sandy soils.

Compost melbourne

Dig it in compost soil melbourne


This weeks cost price special - $5-50 per bag.
Sheep Manure - 25 Litre Bags. This product is excellent for Vegie gardens & flowering plants.
Limit 2 per customer. You won't beat this price for a similar quality product.
(Please note that the product suppliers may vary with some products.)
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