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Topsoil, Garden Soil, Vegetable Soil and Compost

Bayside Garden Supplies Melbourne

Top soil.

A light screened organic mix top soil 

soil sample showing ideal composition for garden improvement taken from a garden supplies business at mordialloc, melbourne

Blended Soil.

Our blended soil is also a light screened organic mix but with around 30% compost mixed in.

It is ideal for nurturing native plants and the best soil for laying or seeding new turf.

hand on lawn in mordialloc yard. used lawn blended soil, from a boundary rd, mordialloc, garden supplies business in melbourne

Veggie Mix.

Our very popular soil which is blended to support your growing vegetables either in a raised vegetable garden or in ground. 

Composed of blended soil with even more compost and also added mushroom compost.

ideal raised bed vegetable garden in boundary rd mordialloc, melbourne

Special Garden Blend Soil.

Sometimes you need something a bit different.

We can create a one off mix to tailor to your individual needs.

blended garden soil from mordialloc garden supplies near me, in melbourne

Dig it in Compost.

Great for digging in to improve and enrich sandy soils.

plant growing out of ideal compost product taken from a landscape gardening supplies business in mordialloc melbourne

Garden Moisture Mulch Compost.

Recycled chipped organic matter. Holds in the moisture and will compost naturally over time and improve your soil.

bulk bin of recycled garden mulch for landscaping in melbourne. copper rock jp

Mushroom compost

A popular soil conditioner and soft mulch for garden beds particularly for vegetable, fruit and herb growing .

mushroom compost in bulk, near me, ideal for veggie gardens in melbourne
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